SRNS Pro 60+

Germaine De Capuccini


Perfect for the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentation and lack of firmness, it is ideal to use at night as it repairs skin while we sleep for a youthful-looking complexion.It contains Epigenol, a highly concentrated extract which stimulates youth proteins in the genes, which  get switched off as we age. When activated again it results in less wrinkles, firmer skin and more even skin tone.Ideal choice for those over 35 years  with wrinkles, pigmentation or extremely dry and devitalised skin.
During just one month of application the skin appeared:

96% more rejuvenated

93% more luminous

81% more faded wrinkles

100% firmer, more supple

100% more nourished and hydrated
*Self-evaluation test carried out on 69 women  over 35 years

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