Rides Eye Duo Eye Cont Treatment (2x10ml tubes)

Germaine De Capuccini


What is it?
“The best eye contour for 9 out of 10 women”*

A powerful new duo of eye treatments, designed to work around the clock to fight wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

What it does?

The latest addition to the T Rides range, this pair of eye treatment creams works to reduces wrinkles, sagging eye lids, dark circles and puffiness.
DAY – A hydrating gel-cream, perfect for use under make-up. It creates a protective barrier against pollution, allergens and other irritants, and gives the eye area a radiant glow.
BTX-Tripeptine, which has a Botox-like effect that reduces and eliminates wrinkles and crows feet

Blefaroplex, which increase collagen and elastin production to strengthen the eye area, while also having a lifting effect on the eyelids.

NIGHT – A silky cream designed to rebuild the delicate skin of the eye contour while you sleep.
Tissulage Tech, a complex of peptides to regenerate the extracellular matrix, and repair the skin around the eye, reducing the volume and length of both fine and deep wrinkles.
Energy Phytoactives, a compound of three botanical extracts to work against the three most common eye problems such as dark circles (both blue vascular and brown pigmentation) and puffiness from the accumulation of liquid and fat.

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